Crips & Bloods Songtext - Rucka Rucka Ali

Crips & Bloods - Rucka Rucka Ali

Bloods and Crips
Act like kids
They always fighting each other
And I don't like it
I see them hatin' on each other and it's sad, bro
That's why I got a red shirt, and blue pants on

[Verse 1]
I wanna make nice
Between Bloods and Crips
They could work out
Through their tons of differences (See, I like red and you like blue)
They're the same thing
But they fight in every state
Except Connecticut
But that's like the fucking whitest place
I never saw why
Bloods don't get along with Crips (along with Crips)
They should be thinking about uniting
Let's be friends! (Yeah)
And I'll be wearing red kicks, with blue tube socks
Bloods and Crips
Should all sit down
And talk their problems out (There's pizza!)

Crips and Bloods get along (Crips and Bloods should get along)
Just drop the guns
And play basketball
Put down the guns (it could be fun)

Crips and Bloods
All calm down
I mean, c'mon, what you fightin' for?
Let's go, come on
Put down the gun!

[Verse 2]
I really wanna, hear a Crip say
"Ya'll can wear red, and sling a couple bitches on my turf today" (Bitches on my turf today)
I'd love to see you assholes agree
Bloods and Crips don't have to fight (Don't have to fight)
I would even say it to their face
But then I would get shot (Oh yeah i so would get shot)
They would beat my ass up
Bloods and Crips would blast me
If I tried to spread peace in the hood
But if that would unite them
Cause both of them don't like me
Wouldn't that be good
Then maybe I should
Go in the city
And take a bullet
And win the Noble prize for peace
I think i would at least win some bullshit hippie-shit prize
Cuz I'mma be the corpse to finally unite the


[Verse 3]
My name is Rucka Rucka Ali
And I'm some sort of cracker
Weird Al couldn't say half the shit that I said
You call me racist on Serchlite TV
Well, first of all, I think that I am Chinese
MC Serch's passed out
He blacked out, laughin'
Please stop asking him why he co-signed my stupid ass
Jeez, lighten up, you sensitive pricks
Ayo, Paul Bakes yo girl has seen my dick
They pay me by the click
So ya'll can keep on talkin' mad shit
Spending hours trashin' my ass, while I cash in
Everyone goes "Yo, get out yo mama's attic"
You always stay at home too if folks wanted to blast you
I can do whatever I like
Whether I'm black or whether I'm white
I run red lights, It's an old habit
I smoke crack and I let babies play with matchsticks
Yo ladies stop yo antics
Don't make me smack a bitch
I blow up China, Filipino faggots Herro!
Get off the set of Home Alone
Michael Jackson
Am I black? Or from Iraq? Or Alaskan?
I think my race is unknown
So stop asking!


Crips and Bloods

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