Get It Straight (BONUS Album) Songtext - Rucka Rucka Ali

Get It Straight (BONUS Album) - Rucka Rucka Ali

Look, I'll explain to you dumbass, soft shoe,
motherfuckers, sell outs, that are too stupid
and too out of touch with the ghetto.
Who don't even know what the fuck's going on, Okay?
I'm posting up in West B, Y'knowwhaImsayin?
That's a, like a mile west of Bloomfield hills, Y'knowwhaImsayin?
I mean, it's pretty rough Y'knowwhaImsayin?
Sometimes I roll out to uh Wild lake to cap some bitches
but most of the time West B Is where it's at Y'knowwhaImsayin?
There's been some confusion I'm tryin' to clear up.
APPARENTLY there's some lil' bitch man fucking spot on the map uh
of Michigan called "West Branch"
Okay? I dunno who
or even West B, but lemme tell you theres only 1 West B
I mean, I met let it slide, but theres one bitch ass mofuccka
from uh West Branch,
names Vinnie. THIS MOFUCKA comes talkin shit to me of all people,
Y'know what I'm sayin', startin' shit with me.
He don't know who the fuck he fuckin with Y'knowwhaImsayin?
Mofuccka, he comes up uh on uh W-Where was it at?
W-was it at the corner? Oh-h That was on myspace, he was all like:
"You're a jackass Fagger"
Man, w-I don't know what that means, but it ain't a complement,
tell you for sure
And he was like uh- He said the "N" Word, AND HE'S WHITE.
Man we-we ain't gonna stand for this bull shit.
Just got on my last mofucking nerve
Y'knowwhaImsayin? I told Vinnie; Ight we gonna see what happens
Y'knowwhaImsayin? THERES ONLY ONE WEST B, and it ain't West Branch
It sure as hell ain't some fuckin-ah pasty ass lil cracker joint
Fuck West Branch, Okay? This is my PEOPLE, this is where we grew up!

(Rucka Goes on to list a couple racist names)
Daly llama
N-Word Scissorhands
Jihad Joe
Nigger R-Dub
Niggy Smalls
Optimus Crime
Lil Seamos
Seaterpunch Jones
Purple Darius
Orange Julius
D-J Vinegar
Jigabo Joe
You're mom everyone's mom
T-this is my people Y'knowwhaImsayin? T-this is where we live
N' this mofucka living in West Branch thinkin' he's from the Ghetto?
Man Fuck west branch it's West B mofucka
Man don't fuck around with bloomfield mofucka,
you get shot around here, mofucka
There's only one West B, fuck West Branch; West Branch is a
breeding ground for bastard faggots
And don't forget that all these drug deals with 50 mile and Drake

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