Obama Been Watchin' Songtext - Rucka Rucka Ali

Obama Been Watchin' - Rucka Rucka Ali

Everybody get up

[Intro: Barack Obama]
My fellow Americans
It has come to my attention
A black man is
In the White House
Please rest assured
The Secret Service is looking into the matter
And the black man will be dealt with
Thank you

[Verse 1]
If you're talking
About me on your twitter
Or chatting with your neighbour
Calling me a white house nigger

[Bridge: Barack Obama]
I see you on the
I hear you on the
Why don't you say it
To my face?
You're talking shit about me

[Verse 2]
When you take off your clothes
Taking some titty pictures
Posting them videos
For some old man to jerk it

I see you on the
I'm checkin' on the
Come rub them titties
In my face
Showing your tits without me...

[Verse 3]
Your Guns
I really want'em (I want your guns)
Let me hold on 'em (I want your guns)
I'll give 'em back and I need
Your funds
I need some money (I need some money)
Give me some money (Give me some money)
Hillary Rodham is a
Bull dyke
She munches carpets
She has hairy armpits
And we be tapping on your
Phone Lines
When you talk 'bout me
When you insult me
You're saying fuck me
I can hear you talking shit
Telling people I ain't shit
Suck my giant hairy dick

I hear you on the
I'm checkin' on the
You're talking 'bout me
You're such a player hater

[Verse 4]
Hey fuck you Edward Snowden
Why you fuck with my shit for?
This guy is a hero?
He's another bum living at the airport

I see him on the
Drinkin' a pint of
Come catch a flight with me
I got drones circling in the

[Verse 5]
You wanna start shit?
Ya better watch it
I see the hobbit porn that you watch
Oh, you embarrassed?
Should I show your parents?
Whatcha get your ass kicked in the
Ya little faggot
Dungeons and Dragons
You're just a 4-eyed virgin
Book Worm
Ya feel like scrapping?
Yeah bro come at me
My boys are strapping

[Verse 6]
When you're walking
Minding your business
Or at home trying
Heels and lipsticks
I'm watching you from
Air Force One
So before you talk shit
Be careful son
I monitor your
High-speed connection
To help you vote for me
Next election
I watch you pee
For your own protection
I'm in your dreams
Like Inception
My skin is
Brown and white
When I'm in your kitchen
I blend in and hide
My ears are built in
Hearin'shit you say
Tell your children
I'm under the bed
Edward Snowden
You fucked up, mah niggy
Ask Bin Laden 'bout
Fuckin' with me
I went to show him
How I deal with hoes
Think I won't punch you
Where your penis grows?

[Breakdown: Barack Obama]
Smack a bitch
Get down
What's up now?
Would you like to twerk?
Everybody let's twerk
I really don't like to work
Suck my balls

[Verse 7]
Hey who cut the cheese?
Play the surveillance tape back
Hell no it wasn't me
I should put you in jail for saying that

Hey that's me on the
Stealing a thigh from
This must be some kind of
I was at home watching
Real House Wives

[Verse 8]
With all my daughters
Well the ones I know of
You know about keeping track of children and us
Black guys
Please don't arrest me
Here I'm confesing
Since when is stealing chicken
A crime?
I was really hungry
And I had no money
And they wouldn't accept my
Food Stamps
I'm really sorry
Let's play atari
I am Bengali
I'm from Benghazi

[Outro: Barack Obama]
Ladies and Gentlemen of this
All white females jury of my peers
I look forward to my time in prison
Where I could easily find crack
And hangout with my good friend OJ
Spying on Americans is like uh
Saying the N-word
Only a black president can do it
Hehe hehe
As your president
I replaced the bald eagle
With the fried chicken
Thank you
Four more years

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