Only 17 Songtext - Rucka Rucka Ali

Only 17 - Rucka Rucka Ali

[Hook 1]
She was licking my nuts (nuts)
Eating my skeet (skeet)
Now I'm locked up (up)
Beatin' my meat (meat)
Open my eyes, yeah
She was only 17
We was sipping on yak (yak)
She taking her clothes off
Now someone black is telling me to bend over
I realize, yeah
She was only 17

[Verse 1]
My life is a story of trials and jailbait
Why do I have a bisexual cellmate?
I told some ho to get naked
Now I'm in jail And I'm getting butt raped, and
Shoulda told her to show me some ID
Before I know it she was sucking on my D
In prison, I can't get into a gang
So I'm getting gang raped by Mexicans
I fucked up my life
Her butthole was tight
But not worth doing time
Cause now I'm gettin' boned in mine

[Hook 2]
I was up in her butt (butt)
Slapping them cheeks (cheeks)
Now I'm getting love from a guy named Jesus
Open my eyes, yeah
She was only 17
She was licking my dick (dick)
Giving me blowjobs
Now I'm getting sex when I'm dropping the soap, and
I realize, yeah
She was only 17

[Verse 2]
When I was getting laid her age was of no concern
Now I'm getting Aids them gays are taking turns
And I just wish them homies would stop raping my cornhole
Come on ya'll, go play basketball
How could I have ever known that the ho is underage
I just wanted her to give me and my friends a couple handjobs
I was all up in her muff
I guess grass on the field isn't enough
I got a Jewish lawyer when I went to court
But my judge knew exactly who I was
And since when should a woman be allowed to be a judge?
They are all dumb

[Hook 1]

If you ever got a ho to take her pants off
And then the cops taking you away in handcuffs
And Chris Hansen is saying "Why don't you have a seat here with me?" (Ninja, please, yeah)
I shoulda never told a ho to take her pants off
I shoulda never nutted up inside her asshole
Because the sperm in her butt was evidence against me (She told me she was 43)

[Hook 1 + 2]

[Outro: Judge]
In the case of the people VS Rucka Rucka Ali
The defendant is found guilty
Enjoy getting your butt fucked by a man with amny tattoos and questionable citizinship
Suck my balls

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