Hide - feat. Sinead Harnett Songtext - Rudimental

Hide - feat. Sinead Harnett - Rudimental

Won’t give up
(I want you)
Won’t give up (go away)
Till I’m high
Won’t give up

[Verse 1]
November phone call, on the hotline
You see the picture, every single sign
I got a secret
But can you keep it?
If tears had balance, what would life be?
You and me would be quite likely
But you see this
I’m still a misfit

[Verse 2]
I feel
Running in circles tryna find me
With only the darkness you’re unable to see
I’m not there
I’m not there
And to tell you the truth you should cut me loose
I’m nowhere, nowhere

So I hide myself away
To another place
I hide
Between the sheets
So you don’t see me
Hide, it's a masquerade
Wear another face
I won’t give up, no
Hiding the lies close inside, I'm so weak


[Verse 3]
Tell another lie, commit another sin
This he says she says is wearing you thin and you know it
But you don’t show it
To free you
Is something I'm trying so hard to do
Unfolded, now you’re so vulnerable
I’ve gotten through
I am scared, so, so scared
And to tell you the truth, this is nothing new
So I can’t, oh I can’t


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I’ve been in lots of, inside out so I

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