Powerless - feat. Becky Hill Songtext - Rudimental

Powerless - feat. Becky Hill - Rudimental

Bury my ghost
Start my glory days
Infiltrate my heart
And take the pain away
Took me time
To see through your eyes
Oh I’m not scared
My words are not lies

Powerless for your love
Powerless for your love

I need to be strong
But you make me weak
I won’t do you wrong
Cause these feelings run deep
Where do we belong?
I know we’d search to find
Cause I’m powerless for your love
I think I’m losing my mind

And after it all
Would you still stand up and fight
When we’re hidden in darkness
Would you run towards the light
Even though I’m alone
I can feel you here with me
I try to block you out
But you are all I see



Powerless, powerless
I think I’m losing my mind
Powerless, powerless

Tell me this time
You won’t let me go
With you my by side
I don’t feel lost
Now we're gonna rise
Now I can call you my own


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