Oh My Darling Don't Cry - Live from Sxsw 2015 Songtext - Run The Jewels

Oh My Darling Don't Cry - Live from Sxsw 2015 - Run The Jewels

Oh my
Oh my

[Verse 1: El-P]
Fuck the law, they can eat my dick, that's word to Pimp
Hol up
(You are now listening to Run the Jewels 2)
Fuck the law, they can eat my dick, that's word to Pimp
I don't fuck with or talk, like all these fuckin' imps
Style violent, give a fuck if you deny it, kids
You can all run naked backwards through a field of dicks
Fuck the world, don't ask me for shit, that's word to B.I.G
I dreamt we owned the world, but I've woken up and it don't exist, Soak it in, I need no assist, you can't slap my wrist, I don't owe you shit
Trust me, I'm a doctor
DOOM, oper-
Rate of my pulse, won't raise a bit

[Verse 2: Killer Mike]
Tip-toe on the track like a ballerina
Ski mask, in a Pontiac Catalina
It's obese, female opera singer
You can run the jewels, or lose your fingers
Me and El-P got time to kill, got folks to kill, on overkill
He hangin' out the window, I hold the wheel
One black, one white, we shoot to kill
That fuckboy life about to be repealed
That fuckboy shit about to be repelled fuckboy Jihad, kill infidels
Allah Akbar, boom from Mike and El

[Verse 3: El-P]
Life is hell, death's a bitch and these fubar rulers getting rich
I cop a zip, it opens up, I smoke it up, go home and fuck
C'est la vie girl, when in Rome
I gave the face, please pay with dome
My business card says you're in luck
I do two things, I rap and fuck

[Verse 4: Killer Mike]
I fuck and rap
I tote the strap, I smoke the kush, I beat the puss
I read the books, did the math
Don't need a preacher preachin' on my behalf
No teacher can teach my arrogant ass
I'm blowin' on crippy while readin' inscriptions that's written by Egyptians and sippin' on whiskey
Ay, baby you with me?

Oh my
Don't cry (x4)

[Verse 5: El-P]
[Whip Crack]
We run this spot like a Chinese sweatshop
Don't stop, work it work it till chest pop
Cardiac arrested, I'm so invested I'm self-invented, that no illusion, there's no confusion you see the future, you fear the future
I've seen the truth and I'm so deluded
I been a better bad guy than I been better than bad
Been a bit a bully talk beating in my chest in fact
I'm a half stack from a rack
I been around the block, babe, I know a few facts
Maniac, brainiac, run go tell them that
ATLien, NY felon rap

[Verse 6: Killer Mike]
Handle me wrong I'm snappin'
Show up at your class, what's happenin'?
Schoolyard bully with a fully automatic
Heart full of pain and a head full of havoc
Everybody stepped on the kid and I'm letting them have it
Leaving they momma to say "what happened?"
Who gon buy my baby a casket?
Fuck that bitch I'm a bastard

[Verse 7: El-P]
Megablast, I'm mega lit
On Highway 6 and I'm not strapped in
I don't crash, bitch, I just skid
You got the cash, I'll make the trip
I make the trip, you better pay
Done worse for less, don't make my day
I'm not from Earth, from far away
I bust through chests like baby greys

[Verse 8: Killer Mike]
Runnin' the jewels of the game
Whippin' the mix is like chickens of 'caine
Spittin' the sentence again
Parents is livid again
Kids is just fuckin' insane
Pointin' that pistol and fist for the chain
Reppin the symbol like they in a gang
Delivery dope like a dosage of dope or a noseful of coke for a junkie or fiend

Oh my
Don't cry(x2)

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