Desert Of Mirages Songtext - Sage The Gemini

Desert Of Mirages - Sage The Gemini

[Produced by: Tha Bizness]

[Hook: Sage]
All this time I spent walking in deserts of mirages
All this time I spent walking in deserts of mirages

[Verse 1: Sage]
Putting time in the cup
For an unsteady hand to be patiently waiting to waste it, yeah
Never thought I’d have a girl run with two boyfriends
Leave her, get rich and now that bitch is chasing, yeah
Funny how the tables turn like DJ Experience
Same girls that turn me down
They trying to experiment, damn
Desert full of mirages
Think something is real
Come closer to know you lost it
I only love you for flossing
Riding for the rims that’s glossing
All they know is green
Watch NBA root for Boston
Never care what its costing
But are you good enough
You care neither by now you lost it, huh?
This thing called happiness Imma find you
Tired of cop lights being freedom til they behind you
All these songs talking about what’s on your wrist, how could it blind you?
When really blinding themselves from unsolved feelings inside you


[Verse 2: Berner]
I can never love another dancer from the club
Or bring another friend around the plug
I lost a lot of money cause of trust
Eat a slug
A hundred grand flat
If you really need the dub
Back to fake friends when you’re broke
Imma laugh told you (shit)
And the other (shit) probably wouldn’t last
Pretty bitches and cash, this European is fast
This long flight got me up all night
Warm gin in my glass
I had the craziest past
A bunch of bitches nah
I was really in the A
I was getting them off
I might dip in it raw
But wouldn’t kiss it at all
Take a sniff of this to shit
And make you wiggle your jaw
We fell out and I ain’t seen you again
How you been?
Me, I’m thirty toes down in Las Vegas my friend
A new Benz, few spots
Cold bottle, two shots
Long walks got me thinking too much


[Bridge: Sage (Kehlani background vocals)]
All this time I spent walking in (desert of mirages)
All this time I spent (I spent) desert of mirages
Its only been awhile (and I just want to see you smile)
I can’t go without saying (without saying)
You’re not unknown now
Ooo your love has got me (got me)
I just want to see (to see)
Yeah your love has got me (got me)
I just want to see
Oooo oo oo oo ooo
Oooo oo oo ooo
Yeah, yeah!


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