Smile Songtext - Sheppard

Smile - Sheppard


[Verse 1]
Let's take a trip, back to the start
When I was sitting all alone with half a heart
I was wasting, a-wasting, a-wasting, a-wasting my time
You walked up to me and asked for my name
Now every little thing for me has changed
I've been waiting, awaiting, a-waiting, a-waiting for you

The luck in love has always let me down
I'm gonna turn it around

Cause you, you make me smile
You make me smile
With your loving style
And I hope that you'll be mine
For a while
With your loving style


Holy moly, I'm living the dream
You and I make a damn good team
And I'm falling, we're falling, we're falling
Like the rain
We can run away from the city life
Where we get to I don't mind
Cause I'm happy, I'm happy, I'm happy
Once again

But what if you should run out of romance?
I'm gonna give it a chance



Even though your love is pure and sweet
I can't wait to get you under the sheets
When the day is done, we'll stop and we'll finally
Get it o-o-on. Ooooh-oooh


(With your loving style)

The sun began to rise when you came my way
You fell out of the sky, and you made my day
As long as you can tell me that you're going to stay
I will keep smiling

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