Cellophane Songtext - Sia

Cellophane - Sia

[Verse 1]
Look at me, I'm such a basket case
Delivered to you wrapped in cellophane
Waiting on your doorstep every day
Delivery, a basket filled with pain
Patience is your virtue, saint o’ mine
I’d have fallen through the cracks, without your love tonight
I’m your groundhog and I’m skating on thin ice
But you see me at your feet and carry me inside

[Pre-Hook x4]
Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh

Can’t you see I’m wrapped in cellophane
Watch the blood pump through my veins
Electricity floods my brain
Can’t hide the pain, can’t hide the pain
When you’re wrapped in cellophane

[Verse 2]
Look at me I'm such a basket case
While I fall apart, you'll hide all my pills again
And all the things I need to hear you say
You’ll watch as all my thoughts get right back on the train

[Pre-Hook x4]




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