(sic) Songtext - Slipknot

(sic) - Slipknot

Enemy, show me what you wanna be
I can handle anything
Even if I can't handle you!
Readily, either way it better be
Don't you fuckin' pity me
Get up, get off

What the hell am I sayin'?
I don't know about malevolent
Sure as hell decadent
I want somebody to step up, step off
Walls! Let me fall! Fuck you all!
Get a grip, don't let me slip 'til I drop the ball!

Fuck this shit, I'm sick of it
You're goin' down, this is a war!

Who the fuck am I to criticize your twisted state of mind?
You're leavin' me suspect, I'm leavin' you grotesque
Feels like a burn from which you never learn
'Cause and effect, you jealous ass
Press you face against the glass, suffer

I've just begun
It's about that time
Gotta get mine

You can't kill me
'Cause I'm already
Inside you


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