Corn Cob (feat. Ryan Todd) Songtext - Smosh

Corn Cob (feat. Ryan Todd) - Smosh

They call me corn
They call me cob
They... err... dafuq are they saying?
He took my house
He took my dog
He took my cow and made it into frogs
(Into frog)
And now my milk
It tastes all green
And now I'm living in a buckwheeze? out of stream
(Out of Stream)
I ate you pink donut
I want you to suck on a barrel of a shotgun
When I come for you
He took my heart
He took my brain
He took my teeth and it's driving me insane
And now he's gone
No.pork to be alized?
So I guess I'll go and go and go and die
(Repeat 3x)

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