Driver's Ed Rap Songtext - Smosh

Driver's Ed Rap - Smosh

[Intro: I-Dawg and A-Dizzle]
UH! High school!
Driver's Ed!
And A-Dizzle
Teachin' people about drivin' and stuff
Yeah, we gettin' extra credit for this one
Jump in my bomb-diggity car! LET'S DO THIS!

[Verse 1: A-Dizzle and I-Dawg]
First, make sure that you buckle up your seatbelt
Cuz if you don't and get in a wreck, you will be killed
Your body will be in pieces and look all icky
Your blood will be all over the place
And it will be real sticky
When a cop pulls you over for speeding
Just start peeing f-f-for the time
He'll think that your crazy and run away
Or he'll give you a ticket, make your mom pay!

[Hook: I-Dawg and A-Dizzle]
If you pass your test, your gonna drive a car
And drive it 'round town like a super-star
We could go to the mall or laser tag
We can drive with no hands, but we ain't gonna brag

If you pass the test, your gonna drive a car
If you get a lotta gas, you can go real far
To the gym your work out on your pecs
So all the ladies can givez you lots of sex!

[Verse 2: A-Dizzle and I-Dawg]
I went to Compton
Some muggers tried to jack me
They pulled out a gun a-a-and tried to cap me
You should always carry a weapon in your car
Like a bat, a stapler, a towel, or a metal bar
A girl once sent me boobie shots
I liked it a lotz until I hit a mailbox
I drove off the road lookin' at a breast
And that's how I failed my first drivin' test


[Bridge: A-Dizzle and I-Dawg]
Don't you ever flippin' try to ghostride your whip
'Cuz you just might trip
Have a nip-slip. Ah
Flip on your hip
Bit the tip of a chip
Take a road trip and skinny dip on a cruise ship
Always look both ways on the street
Unless you wanna get beat
By a car!
It'll run you over and drag your body real far
Then no one will like you
Just like Jar Jar

[Outro: I-Dawg and A-Dizzle]
So that's how you drive an automobile
That's all you need to know
So grab the wheel
Quit being an idiot loser driven by your mom
Because driving yourself is DA BOMB!!!
Driver's Ed!


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