Hair Ballad (feat. Young Aundee) Songtext - Smosh

Hair Ballad (feat. Young Aundee) - Smosh

I've been unlucky in love and so disenchanted
I Screwd it all up
And took you for granted
I wish you never were not there

Can't get a job
And nobody loves me
Used to have friends
But now I'm so lonley
I hope you know that I still care

You make me feel so complete
If you'd come back
I'd grow you down to my feet
Even Fat Girls won't look at me on the street, I swear...
I'd do it all for some more hair

Motorists Beware
'Cause I might blind you with my glare
Life's so unfair
I really miss my sweet ass hair
I don't mean my "ass hair"
I should've put a hyphen there...

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