Pen15 (feat. Ryan Todd) Songtext - Smosh

Pen15 (feat. Ryan Todd) - Smosh

So take that
To your spleen
Cause I'm now a part of
I'm a member it's true
I wonder what kind of awesome
Shit we'll do


Maybe fly and kill evil kings
I hope we do a crap-load of bad-ass things
I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings
And all my dreams come true
Many secrets will be revealed
Will I get a sword and a sweet-ass shield?
My life is changed and my fate is sealed
And I can stop sniffin' glue
Until my lips turn all blue

Bad guys
Watch out
I'll slap your face with a
Big-ass trout

Ha ha!

You'll never know the wonderousness
Cause you're now the stupidest
And I'm the king of awesomeness

I'll give it all for
Love the taste of
I'm on my knees for
Take the girth of

Can't get enough of
Dedicate my life to

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