This Album's Smoshtastic [Intro] Songtext - Smosh

This Album's Smoshtastic [Intro] - Smosh

Anthony: Alright! Ian, you ready to do this?
Ian: Sure, I just gotta make sure my pitch is perfect. Ahem, Mimimimimiiii...
Anthony: Dude, Shut up!
Ian: Sorry.
Anthony: Alright then. Kick that nasty beat.
Ian: Actually, Can you kick it? I just don't feel like beat kicking today.
Anthony: Fiiiine...

What up Party People?
You ready for a treat?
This album's Smoshtastic and it's really neat
Sit back and relax
As we get to the task
Of blowing out your mind
And moving that ass
This is crazy!
This is funny!
And we're taking all your money!
We'll be singing stupid songs until your eggs get runny
We got songs about robots and songs about dicks
Songs about Santa rocking licorice whips
We got Metal from a mom and Parents sucking
Yeah, Emo love ballads and Tomahawk chucking
And just when you think, we ain't got nothing left
We switch it up and hit you with

*le dubstep*

Ian: Ughhhh, that sucked dude.
Anthony: Wh-Whatever man! Dubstep's freakin' hard!
Ian: *sighs* Worst. . Ever.

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