I Wanna Rock (Travis Barker G-Mix) Songtext - Snoop Dogg

I Wanna Rock (Travis Barker G-Mix) - Snoop Dogg

[Verse 1 - Jay-Z]
Hold up, I wanna rock right now
My name is Hov and I came to shake the town
Yeah, your boy's internationally known
But I'm from the hood, got a pocket full of stones
I used to cop "Rob Base", turn it into "EZ Rock"
Just to stay "Doug E. Fresh", all that shit to easy rock
Used to "Chef" Raekwon, give fiends a "Ghostface"
Y'all know my "Forte", I just might catch a dope case
I "Mastered" the "P"
With connects in the Midwest, so I'm "Heavy" in the "D"
Your boy still "Snoop" around
Since a pup, I been "Kurupt" and I fuck with Tha Dogg Pound
Ugh! Roc Nation is the gang now
Some dope lyrics is the only thing I slang now
I "Get the Job Done", I put the "Kane" down
It's no "Biggie" - heh, I'm just a king now


(*Malice N Wonderland!)

[Verse 2 - Snoop Dogg]
G Mix!!!! I was a fiend, before I became a teen
I melted cabbage sacks instead of cones of ice cream
Crime orientated that's how the west was originated
Fitted like pieces of puzzle, complicated
I dropped the sack and tried to rap hits y'all
They tried to bang on me, and say that I'm too small
Cool!!! Cause I don't get upset
I call the king of the east catch a flight then I jet
Right back to the west, where my niggas is at
Scoop the gilly put it back on the map
Like this like that while you rollin a bag
Loadin ya gat, pop pop, I'm holdin ya back
I'm like the Whopper FUCK THE BIG MAC!!!
Run up on the dog my gat go click clack
And that's fo' sho!!!
The reason why, man I don't know so let's go cuz


[Verse 3 - Snoop Dogg]
Boss Dogg chillin', looking like a million
Yeah, nigga got it, I'mma leave it to my children
Tonight I'm on some other shit, and baby loving it
Hella fast, grip they ass like the oven mitt
I'm gooned up, boy! Rich as fuck, boy!
Black and gold brakes, that's my truck, boy
I'm on my Eastside, shit I'm working
I got the party going, and it's jerking
My niggas all long, we rolling out deck
Hoes getting in, you better pick a bitch
Cause when I shut it down, the party's over with
She call me "Superman", I'm on my "Soulja" shit
Boss Dogg get em, I sick em and take em home
West Coast bitch, I'm on my fucking throne
I'm gigging on these hoes, do em like dominoes
And slam em on they back and tell em "vamanos"

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