Let's Get Blown Songtext - Snoop Dogg

Let's Get Blown - Snoop Dogg

[Intro: Pharrell]

[Hook Vanessa Marquez and Pharrell]
Can I get more thrills?
(You know you want some more girl, so come on)
Can I get more thrills?
(You know you want some more girl, so come on
Let's get blown.. Let's get blown..)

[Snoop sings]
Looking at the ladies
All of them fly
I don't know which one I want dog
I can't make up my mind, girl

[Verse 1]
So won't you make it easy on me?
Take this drink, then hit this weed
Two step wit me, let's slip to the dance floor
On and on and on and on we go
I'll dip you if you want me to
You see I really wanna get a little front with you
Bigidy bump with you
A nigga wanna hump you and then just comfort you
And then I'll pop the top
And lay you on the cot, and get you nice and hot
Yeah yeah, it's all to the real
We could do it like Guy, come on girl "Let's Chill"


[Verse 2]
Now you can fly the friendly skies
With the S-N double O-P, D-O double G-Y
Now don't ask why
Just keep looking good in the hood, damn girl, you so fly
We could do what you want to
You say you drink Alize or was is Malibu?
It don't really matter though
You remind me of the time when I had a ho
She kept telling me Doggy Dogg I gotta go
So I let her get in the wind and co-macked her friend
2 plus 2, it equals 4
This is some shit that could last forever more
I'm tryna put my bid in
Naw I'm just kidding, come on ma get in
And don't ask where we going, pimping and hoeing
Drink pouring and weed blowing, you know it come on!


[Snoop sings]
I've been looking at you, from the corner of my eyes
Checking out your hips, lips, tits and your thighs
I've been wanting to do you, for a mighty long time
You make a pimp wanna sing I - I - I

[Verse 3]
We'll head to the hills, your dreams I'll fulfill
We could do it how you want, cause I'm oh so real
Tell me you, naw I won't squeal
You wit Da Big Boss Dogg so seal the deal
Pharrell got the Babyface
And Dogg got the Whip Appeal, so name the place
This love I bring to you, on the real baby girl
Won't you do me a favor and sing for Snoop


[Outro: Pharrell]
You know you want it (If I got it I'mma give it to you)
So come and get it (If I got it I'mma give it to you)
If I got it (If I got it I'mma give it to you)
Then you can get it (Ya know)

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