Zoom - Remasterizado 2007 Songtext - Soda Stereo

Zoom - Remasterizado 2007 - Soda Stereo

[HENRY comes out in civilian clothes. WE SEE his face drop. PAN over to the beat-up old car. KAREN is behind the wheel. HENRY gets in.]
[The signs of wealth are long gone. HENRY sees that KAREN has been living four tough, lean years. Their DAUGHTERS are watching as HENRY looks around the house.]
HENRY *smiling faintly*: Get packed. We're getting out of here.
KAREN: With what?
HENRY *smiling, slyly*: Don't worry with what. You just start looking for a new place. I'm going to Pittsburgh in the morning. The guys from Pittsburgh they owe me fifteen grand from our little partnership and it's only the beginning.
KAREN: But you've got to see your parole officer in the afternoon and *whispering* I promised we'd take Judy to F.A.O. Schwarz.
HENRY: Don't worry about it. You listening to me? Now, come on. We gotta go see Paulie.
[ANGLE ON PLATTERS OF FOOD Coming out of the kitchen and placed on the table.]
[DISSOLVE TO: VARIO AND HENRY walking toward the edge of the dock.]
VARIO: I don't want any more of that Shit.
HENRY: Wha? Me?
VARIO: Just stay away from the garbage. Yon know what I mean.
HENRY *shocked*: Me? Why would I get into that shit?
VARIO *interrupting*: I know what you did inside. You did what you had to do. I'm not talking about that. I'm talking from now on, outside. I'm talking right here.
HENRY: Why would I get into that?
VARZO: Don't make me a fool. You know what I mean, from now on, you gotta be careful. Just don't mess around with that shit, and watch out for Jimmy. Jimmy's a good earner, but he's sometimes too hungry. He's wild. He does foolish things. Jimmy is not a businessman. As
good as he is, he takes too many chances.
HENRY: I know that. I know Jimmy. You think I'd take chances like Jimmy?
VARZO: And that Tommy. He's a good kid, but he's crazy. He's a cowboy.
He's got too much to prove. You got to watch out for kids like that.
HENRY: Paulie, I know. I know what they are. But I use them for certain things. Please. Believe me, you don't nave to worry.
VARIO *not even listening to Henry's protest*: I'm not going to get fucked like Gribbs. He's seventy years old and the fucking guy is going to die in prison. I don't need that. I don't care who it is. I'm warning everybody. Gribbs got twenty years just because he said hello to some fuck who was sneaking around selling junk behind his back. That's not going to happen to me. You understand?
HENRY: Paulie. Why would I? I swear.
VARIO: You're only home early because we got you a job, right? And I don't need any heat. You understand?
HENRY: Nods.
VARIO: And, if you hear about anybody else fucking around with that shit, you tell me.
HENRY: Nods again.
VARIO *gently slappinq Henry on the cheek*: Anybody! You understand?
HENRY: I understand.
CUT TO: mixing coke in metal bowl. WE SEE HENRY standing behind her. ROBIN is an intense, sexy, 30-year-old, divorced.
[Ex-airport clerk. *ROBIN is described earlier in SCENE #75 page 58, where she flirts with HENRY.* The apartment is a jumbled mess and even the table where she is cutting the drugs is littered with old coffee caps, newspapers, and day-old dirty dishes.]
HENRY *V.O.*: It took me about a week of sneaking around before I could unload the Pittsburgh stuff without Paulie finding out. But when I did, it was a real score. I started using Robin's place to mix the stuff and even with Robin's snorting more than she mixed, I could see this was a good business. I made twelve thousand dollars in my second week and I had a down-payment on my house. All I had to do was every once in a while, tell Robin I loved her.
CUT TO: INT. PAROLE OFFICE - DAY TIGHT ON A PIECE OF PAPER where stubby pencil calculations are being scribbled.
HENRY *V.O.*: It was perfect. As long as I kept getting the stuff from Pittsburgh, I knew Paulie would never find out. But within a couple of weeks it got to be so big I needed help. I got Jimmy and Tommy to come in with me.
HENRY *O.S.*: Fifteen, sixteen, eighteen, twenty-one-five.
CUT TO: HENRY opening a shoe box he has hidden in a plastic grocery bag. JIMMY and TOMMY lean close to HENRY in order to see inside.]
HENRY *smiling*: Did I tell you?
CUT TO: OPEN SHOE BOX filled with twenty-dollar bills.
JIMMY *O.S.*: Nice.
TOMMY: Who's buying?
[WE SEE HENRY's thumb run through the tightly-stacked twenties like piano keys.]
CUT TO: PAROLE OFFICER in tired business suit coming out of door, over which WE SEE sign reading "UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE - PAROLE DIVISION," and WE SEE that HENRY, JIMMY and TOMMY are in the large brightly lit Parole Office counting their drug profits.
PAROLE OFFICER *overworked and looking around the crowded waiting room*: Burke?
[WE SEE JIMMY and PAROLE OFFICER walk into the office.]
PAROLE OFFICER: Still working?
[Door closes.]
[WE SEE MARTY KRUGMAN and his wife, FRAN, being taken on a tour of an over-decorated and expensive living room. *SHOT almost like a commercial*]
KAREN *O.S.*: This we had to have made special. I mean, sit in it. Go ahead. Sit.
[FRAN plops onto sofa.]
KAREN *O.S.*: The others you couldn't even sit in. And from here, watch the wall.
[KAREN's hand flicks a switch on table next to sofa and wall slides back, REVEALING TV and stereo.]
KAREN *O.S.*: See. It opens. We had the electricians fix it up special.
KAREN: This we imported. It came in two pieces.
[On third object, PAN TO KAREN. As KAREN and FRAN KRUGMAN disappear behind swinging kitchen doors, MARTY and HENRY drop onto the sofa.]
MARTY: It's a fait accompli?
HENRY: Done.
MARTY: And Jimmy's in it, right?
HENRY: Will you stop.
HASTY: But you don't understand. It's worth millions. It's once in a
MARTY: Lifetime. We'll be rich. No more nut every week. I've been cultivating this thing for two years.
HENRY *V.O.*: And these are the guys.
CUT TO: TOMMY AND ANGELO SEPE who are leaning with their backs against the bar, their jackets open, bosses of all they survey.
HENRY *V.O.*: Tommy and Sepe were going to grab the outside guard and make him get us in the front door.
CUT TO: FRENCHY MCMAHON Who is playing shuffleball.
HENRY *V.O.*: Frenchy and
CUT TO: JOE BUDDHA sprinkling sawdust on the shuffleboard table.
HENRY *V.O.*: Joe Buddha had to round up the workers.
CUT TO: FAT LOUIE who is about 300 pounds and is sitting backwards in a chair, watching the television with a drink in his hand.
HENRY *V.O.*: Fat Louis had to keep than tied up and away from alarms.
CUT TO: MARTY Shoving his way between JIMMY and HENRY at the bar and
turning to the television basketball game.
HENRY: Only Marty was driving us nuts. He was busting Jimmy's balls for an advance on the money we were going to steal.
CUT TO: STACKS EDWARDS who is sitting at the bar, delicately stirring his drink with his pinky.
HENRY *V.O.*: Even Stacks got in on it. He was supposed to steal the panel truck and afterwards compact it by a friend of ours in Jersey.
[ANGLE ON BABY JUDY WICKS, a young, pale blonde woman, puts the BABY and an overnight bag on the bed as HENRY and KAREN watch.]
HENRY: I had everybody working. Even our old babysitter.
KAREN *enthused*: She's beautiful. Look at her. Henry, look at her.
HENRY *singsong*: Hello! Hello! *to Judy* Have a good flight?
JUDY: I hate Pittsburgh.
[WE SEE JUDY WICKS unwrap the BABY'S pink snowsuit and take off its hood and mittens as HENRY opens JUDY's overnight bag and takes out some Pampers and then he takes out several plastic bags with cocaine and heroin.]
JUDY: Where'd you find such creeps?
HENRY: They're okay and it's worth it. Ain't it?
KAREN *playing with the baby*: Is this the same one as last time?
JUDY *amazed that Karen can't tell the difference*: No. That one was my sister's. This is Louise's.
KAREN: Look at her, Henry, is she sweet? Doesn't she look like Judy?
JUDY: That's what the stewardess said.
[WE SEE HENRY barely listening while putting the drugs in a paper bag.]
[EXTREME CLOSE OF - COKEBALLS COME BACK TO SEE HENRY at table making "cokeballs" in a metal press.]
CUT TO: LINE OF COKE ON A MIRROR shoved under HENRY's nostril.
[WE SEE straw inserted into HENRY's nostril as he casually inhales. He never stops pressing the cokeballs.]
[TRACK OUT TO ROBIN 'taking a snort herself, and the sloppy table with the drags, scales, mixers, bowls and sieves. ROBIN is razor-blading two more lines.]
HENRY *watching out of the corner of his eye*: Hey! Watch out.
[WE SEE ROBIN lick her finger and then run her finger across HENRY'S tongue. Be licks, but does not react as he takes several golf-ball-size cokeballs out of the machine and puts then in a leather pouch. Be gets up to leave.]
ROBIN: Stay there.
HENRY: Don't start. I told you to clean up. Look at this place. It's a
pigpen. Look around here. Why do you think I bought you the dishwasher? Look. Look at this. *sticking his finger
under Robin's nose* There's enough powder around here to put us all away.
ROBIN *licking Henry's finger and playfully pushing him into the chair*: I hate to do dishes.
HENRY *sitting down again*: Hey, come on. I gotta meet somebody.
ROBIN *reaching over his shoulder toward his crotch*: So do I.
[WE SEE HENRY look at his watch.]
[HENRY is listening to the radio while taking his shower.]
RADIO NEWS BROADCASTER *V.O.*:... and nobody knows for sure just how much was taken in the daring pre-dawn raid at the Lufthansa cargo terminal at Kennedy Airport. The FBI says two million dollars. Port Authority police say four million dollars, the city cops say
five. How much maximum? That they won't say. So far, Lufthansa has
not said anything, but they've promised to break their silence
soon with a press conference, and WINS will be there to cover it live from the scene of the heist at JFK when they do. It looks like a big one. Maybe the biggest this town has ever seen. Stay tuned ...
[HENRY slams the soap onto the shower floor and pounds the wall with joy.]
ROBIN *O.S.*: Are you okay? What happened?
HENRY: Nothing. I dropped the soap. That's all.
[Private Christmas party. As they arrive, HENRY and KAREN are hugged by JIMMY in the doorway. It is a Lufthansa victory party, but no one mentions the robbery.]
JIMMY *grabbing Henry around the neck and kissing his head*: Come here. *to Karen* Look at this genius.
[JIMMY keeps his arms around HENRY and KAREN as FAT LOUIE CAFORA shows up with his new wife, DOLORES, who is also over 200 pounds. They are beaming with pride.]
FAT LOUIE *to Jimmy and Henry*: Come outside. I gotta show you. Just for a minute.
[WE SEE a new pink caddy convertible. The sticker is still in the window.]
FAT LOUIE *O.S.*: Is that beautiful? I got it for Dolores.
JIMMY *whispering angrily at Fat Louie*: You fucking nuts? Didn't I say not to go buy anything for a while? You got a fucking car?
FAT LOUIE *trying to placate Jimmy as he enters the bar*: Don't get excited. It's okay. My mother bought it for us. It's a wedding present. It's in her name.
JIMMY: You're crazy. The bulls are across the street. They're watching everything we do.
CUT BACK TO: JIMMY as he watches Fat Louie walk into the bar.
JIMMY *angrily whispering to Henry*: The fat fuck ought to wear a sign.
[WE SEE a sailing ANGELO SEPE walk in the door and WE SEE that his WIFE is wearing a $30,000 sable coat.]
JIMMY: Jesus Christ! Are you all fucking nuts?
SEPE *to Henry*: What's the matter with him?
[Before HENRY can answer, WE SEE JIMMY start to grab the coat off MRS. SEPE's back.]
SEPE: Hey? What the fuck are you doing?
MRS. SEPE *hysteria risin*: Angelo! He's taking my coat! Angelo!
[Meanwhile, WE SEE JIMMY grabbing the coat off MRS. SEPE's back and begin to roll it up and shove it under SEPE's arm.]
JIMMY *furiously, to Sepe*: Didn't I tell you not to get anything big? Didn't I tell you not to attract attention? In two days, one fuck buys a Caddy and another buys a ten thousand dollar mink. *to Henry* Can you believe this shit? *to Sepe, with some menace* Now get the fuck home and get rid of the coat. Bring it back to where you got it. I don't care what you do, just get rid of it.
MRS. SEPE *to Sepe, hysterical and angry*: I'm not giving it back. Angelo? Do you hear me?
[WE SEE SEPE angrily grab his WIFE'S arm and leave.]
SEPE: Did I tell you to shut up? Shut up!
JIMMY *to Henry, as they walk toward the bar*: Fucking guys. Can you believe them. I told them all: Don't attract attention. Act normal.
[At the bar, WE SEE STACKS EDWARDS and his GIRLFRIEND dropping shot glasses of green creme de menthe into large glasses of chilled DON Perignon. TOMMY and his GIRL-FOR- THE-MIGHT are standing with STACKS and his GIRLFRIEND. TOMMY is wearing a shiny silk suit that practically glows with newness. WE SEE FRENCHY and BUDDHA with their WIVES. EVERYONE is dressed in new clothes and flashing gaudy rings.]
[JIMMY and HENRY move toward a quiet corner of the bar. WE SEE MARTY KRUGMAN suddenly burst in on them.]
MARTY: Oh! There you are. I've been looking all over for you two.
[HENRY and JIMMY stare at MARRY blankly.]
MARTY: Listen, I need it, Jimmy. I need it all.
[JIMMY gets up to walk away without even looking at MARTY.]
HENRY: Marty. Relax. You saw some money.
MARTY *continues anyway*: But I need it all. I owe people
too, you know.
[WE SEE JIMMY walk toward small office in the back of the bar.]
MARTY: Jimmy. Wait. Listen. Please!
[WE SEE that MARTY is about to follow JIMMY into the room, but HENRY stops him.]
MARTY: I want to talk to Jimmy.
HENRY: He heard.
MARTY: But I got two hundred and fifty coming. It's my share. Jimmy owes me.
HENRY *following Jimmy into the backroom*: Marty, please. Let me talk to him.

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