Here I Am Songtext - SOJA

Here I Am - SOJA

Like, why is he always slow-dancing and romancing them women?

Cuz it's venomous sentiments got me into this predicament

My record's blemished with emphases I've predicted

Would surface up on my Facebook the second that I envisioned it

Well, it won't look good if you're trying to be the president

Shit, if I was worried bout that, I'd be more hesitant

When blessing you with my endless procession of clever fetishes

Okay -- brief answer: I empty my kif catcher

And mix it with half the herb I burn, that's how I'm weed matcher

I'm so guido when sipping that Torpedo Sierra

Like, hi there, you're a fine-looking nice pair of

American Apparel-wearing, so hard not to stare

I'm living in the here and now, don't need to see farther

But tonight, I'm trying to treat this girl golden -- Bea Arthur

And I've been drinking but I can't sleep

My head is filled with these thoughts

And it's rotten like measles spotted

Hooked on you like Dilaudid, girl

So either this drink has got me tripping or you act like you ain't been on it

Stash and bone you when I want it like skeletons in my closet

And I got what her man is lackin'--

I'm making racks appear out my Kenneth Cole jacket

It's true that I've been sipping rum and I'm getting mixed results

But I'm so wild and young that my style tricks adults

Reply all: I'm on the red-eye to Havana

But I'm just hanging out like the Mexican Gulf

No big deal, I'm the best you've seen -- I said it

And he's so sweet bitches going diabetic

And it's a fucking celebration, pop the Manischewitz

Nah, I'm just playing -- Legendario's the only way I'll get it

Man, you know this year went by quick

And here I am out on the dance floor, covered in lipstick


And I know, no more songs today

No one ever promised a future, babe

But I just wanted to hear you say it

I just wanted to hear you say it, yeah

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