Used To Matter Songtext - SOJA

Used To Matter - SOJA


Yeah, this goes out to all my niggas that'd be getting weeded

Down in 4th grade

A little flavor from the R.E.V

[Hook 2x]

I smoke mad weed around the clock all the time

It's the only thing that keeps me from loosing my mind

My niggas be on some shit

So i smoke mad weed just so i can stay leggit

Mmh... it's tasty

The weed is on time and it just started dephase me

I feel it in my soul

Getting contact from the fragrance

If you was high before

But now you should've basics

You ever heard that weed comes down this savage beast

It also comes to niggas in West and the East

Pass the herb with the bullets in your gap

Niggas only flip when the mix the weed with crack

Toasted at my mind like your pops on a corner

Say [?] in my ride

And smoke it up like a sona

Used to ride the bus getting busted

[?] coming home from work and they'd getting mad at us

But i don't give a damn and i never will

So imbeciles smokes some weed

And get knocked out like a Nyquil

[Hook 2x]

Brook lifted

Like someone choose at a blacksmith

You can tell which motherfuckas', they got black fingertips

Smoke it

As your sticky fingers like [?]

Run around the projects lickin' [?], lickin asses

I rock and rhyme about the weed

Yes indeed

Before i roll and [?] spliffs

I gotta clean up the scene

Drag after drag

Bag after Bag

Smokin' on 'til the weed is gone

Or 'til the break of down

Blowing up the spot with the [?] on my [?]

Separate them from [?]

Separate the [?] from [?]

Oh yes, body like the birds nest

Mad skills from the R.E.V

I give you nothing less

It comes down to the next time you'll [?] your [?]

With the fax, with the phone

Or with the [?]

Think of the R.E.V

And let my stlye come to mine

Break down R.E.V

That means i wrote every rhyme

[Hook 2x]

Last but not least

As i begin to increase

The level of difficulty

In this damn explodin' relief

A power that strong

Brother's dead and gone still smokin' on

Propaganda on the brain

Makes it hard to maintain

I don't smoke down my throat

When it's hard for me to cope

With all the bullshit, i [?]

But i love and i smoke

So i smoke on and on like there ain't no tomorrow

Leave the weed, smoke [?]

So the slaves can't follow

The course that i'm takin'

Or the loop that i'm makin'

Some think my brain is eaten

From all the weed that i'm takin'

But i'm not on the brink

I'm on my point and [?]

Straight back goes my soul

Like i'm living in the blank

I smoke mad weed, yes [?]

Smoke 'til your heart stops, so the throat gets sore

While there ain't no blood or easy while it doesn't matter

Rap your spliff tight

And roll your spliff fatter

[Hook 4x]



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