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Waking Up - SOJA

We begin this game by watching a movie of the introduction with Sora waking up under the water.

Voice of Sora: I've been having these weird thoughts lately, like is any of this for real or not?

The intro theme song Simple and Clean plays and Sora goes down sleeping. The screen shows Sora seeing Riku and Riku wants him to grab his hand, but a tidal wave goes up and goes under them. Sora goes down through the water and then in the sky of dawn. The screen then shows Kairi waving at Sora and wants him to come to her. Sora was going to approach, but he saw himself going down, and then, Sora falls into the water. Sora falls into the water and eventually lands in a circular area with a portrait of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. In that area...

Mysterious Voice: So much to do, so little time... Take your time. don't be afraid. The door is still shut. Now, step forward. Can you do it?

Sora steps forward. Then, trapezoid stones with a sword, a shield, and a staff appeared.

Mysterious Voice: If you give it form... It will give you strength.

Choose well.

Sora chose the shield.

Mysterious Voice: The power of the guardian. Kindness to aid friends. A shield to repel all. Is this the power you seek?

Sora: Yes.

Mysterious Voice: Your path is set.

The shield disappeared from Sora's arm.

Mysterious Voice: Now, what will you give up in exchange?

Sora chose the sword.

Mysterious Voice: The power of the warrior. Invincible courage. A sword of terrible destruction. You give up this power?

Sora: Yes.

Mysterious Voice: You've chosen the power of the guardian. You've given

up the power of the warrior. Is this the form you choose?

Sora: Yes.

The trapezoid stones disappeared. The floor shatters and Sora falls down. Sora then lands on the circular floor with a portrait of Cinderella. A shield appeared on Sora's arm.

Mysterious Voice: You gained the power to fight.

Sora tried out the attack with the shield.

Mysterious Voice: All right! You've got it. Use this power to protect yourself and others.

Suddenly, Shadows appeared.

Mysterious Voice: There will be times you have to fight. Keep your light burning strong.

Sora fights group of Shadows. Then, they disappeared. Then more appeared.

Mysterious Voice: Behind you!

Sora fights and defeated all of the Shadows. Then, the dark void appeared and Sora goes down there. Sora gets up in another circular floor with multiple colors. Sora approaches the door.

Sora: (wondering) I can't open it...

Sora saw a treasure chest and opens it. Then a large crate appeared. Sora pushes and smashes it. Then a barrel appeared and Sora smashed that as well. The door then opens and lights are coming out of it as Sora enters the door. In an island, Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie are waiting.

Mysterious Voice: Hold on. The door won't open just yet. First, tell me more about yourself.

Sora talks to Tidus.

Tidus: What are you afraid of?

Sora: Getting old.

Tidus: Gettin' old? Is that really so scary?

Sora talks to Wakka.

Wakka: What do you want outta life?

Sora: To see rare sights.

Wakka: To see rare sights, huh?

Sora talks to Selphie.

Selphie: What's most important to you?

Sora: Being number one.

Selphie: Is being number one such a big deal?

Mysterious Voice: You're afraid of getting old. You want to see rare sights. You want to be number one. Your adventure begins at dawn. As long as the sun is shining, your journey should be a pleasant one.

Sora: Sounds good.

Mysterious Voice: The day you will open the door is both far off and very near.

Sora then appeared in a circular floor with a portrait of Aurora. Sora approaches a light and group of Shadows appears. Sora manages to defeat them all. After that, Sora approaches the save point and the light revealed stairs to the next area. In the next area...

Mysterious Voice: The closer you get to light, the greater your shadow becomes.

The shadow of Sora rises and turned into Darkside.

Mysterious Voice: But don't be afraid. And don't forget...

Sora almost fell off the floor when he tried to escape. Sora had no choice but to fight Darkside. After the fight, a black circle appears under Sora.

Mysterious Voice: But don't be afraid. You hold the mightiest weapon of all.

Sora is getting engulfed in the black circle.

Mysterious Voice: So don't forget: You are the one who will open the door.

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