Intro Songtext - Starbomb

Intro - Starbomb

[Egoraptor] Ho, ho, ho, he, he, he
And that's when I went to pee
[Danny Sexbang] Nailed it!

[Egoraptor] Hi there! I'm Arin Hanson. I was just finishing up my amazing "1, 2, 3, I gotta go pee" song from the last Starbomb album. Thanks for coming to my space mansion! My friends Danny and Ninja Brian from Ninja Sex Party have been crashing up here with me while we wrote this album
[Danny Sexbang] That's right, Arin! It has been fun orbiting the Earth with you! This mansion has style! We've been bathing in champagne every night, taking our diamond space helicopter out for joy rides, partying with supermodels, robots, robot supermodel robots and occasionally writing music!

[Egoraptor] Remember that time when Ninja Brian opened the airlock and flipped us off while our chests collapsed from the sudden decompression?
[Danny Sexbang] Hahaha! Yes, I do! What a merry prankster! Anyway, this is the time on the album where we respectfully thank video game developers for not suing us! Ninja Brian, would you care to explain the intricacies of Fair Use and Parody law?

[Ninja Brian] ...

[Egoraptor] Thank you Brian, and thank you, the fans for buying this album and supporting us!
[Danny Sexbang] We love you, so damn much! And without you, we wouldn't have been able to afford this fart sound effect... (Fart)
[Egoraptor] Yay! And now, on with the show!

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