Australia Street Songtext - Sticky Fingers

Australia Street - Sticky Fingers

[Verse 1]
It was a real sunny day, we were chilling in the land
Of the Camperdown park, nobody had a frown
Reminiscing on the days when we used to have a blaze
Everybody came around and we laxed out on the laze
And I remember when we'd drink
And we'd smoke, and we'd spar, and we'd laugh
And the night would just go on and on
For the rest of my life that memory will stay
Man, fuck that was a good time

[Hook] x3
I don't feel afraid from you

[Hook 2]
Cause I'm high, chewing on your taste
Forever feels like such a waste
So many places to be, people to meet
In tropical heat

[Verse 2]
See now this was the time when everything was perfect
We can jump around to the sound of the music
When you feel it the bass jumping through the tremelo
Passages just seem to go real real slow
And this is what I want, and this is what you get
Come and share a toast for all these times we recollect
From the start into these bends
We unwind our weary heads
Being clever never sweats ya when forever has no end

[Hook 2]

[Hook 1]

[Verse 3]
You can not contemplate on all of what we've mastered
Compelled by different women as a strong current passes
All the little organisms swirling through the white
All my rested hollow bones ready to pick a fight
All my pity gets witty and driven through the sky
All the faces that change the same smile far and wide
I was coming down the other day
Next thing I was years away
I only wish that we could stay my bruddaz

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