Weak (A Cappella) Songtext - SWV

Weak (A Cappella) - SWV

[Verse 1]
I don't know what it is that you've done to me
But it's caused me to act in such a crazy way
Whatever it is that you do when you do what you're doing
It's a feeling that I want to stay

Cause my heart starts beating triple time
With thoughts of loving you on my mind
I can't figure out just what to do
When the cause and cure is you

I get so weak in the knees, I can hardly speak
I lose all control and something takes over me
In a daze and it's so amazing
It's not a phase, I want you to stay with me
By my side, I swallow my pride
Your love is so sweet
It knocks me right off of my feet
Can't explain why your loving makes me weak

[Verse 2]
Time after time, after time I try to fight it
But your love is strong, it keeps on holding on
Resistance is down
When you're around, cries fading
In my condition, I don't want to be alone

[Bridge] + [Hook]

[Verse 3]
I try hard to fight it
No way can I deny it
You're love's so sweet
Knocks me off my feet


[Verse 4]
(I get so weak)
Blood starts racing through my veins
(I get so weak)
Boy, it's something I can't explain
(I get so weak)
Something 'bout the way you do
The things you do-ooo-ooo, it
(Knocks me right off of my feet)
Ohh, off my feet
Can't explain why your lovin' makes me weak


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