Ur Songtext - SZA

Ur - SZA

[Produced by Mac Miller]

[Verse 1]
Clarity is a state of mind
Freedom ain't real, who's sold you that lie?
I ain't buying it
No matter what the price (one more time? Aight)
So give it up give it up mama
Undo your pants and your bra
I see you liking that, you must need a slice...

Type A personality
Extrovert, introvert, commonalities
A Type A personality
Just dumb enough to lie to me

U R, U R
U R, U R
U R, U R
U R, U R (we are)

U R, U R
U R, U R (we are)
U R, U R
U R, U R

[Verse 2]
Superficial, Superwoman
Ain't you tired of that wind in your face?
Your skin taste likes brussell sprouts I swear
Can't seem to remember your face
So give it up give it up papa
Make it make sense to me
I can not go any further then 2 steps in-front of me
I'm lost here



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