Guns and Roses (feat. P!nk) Songtext - T.I.

Guns and Roses (feat. P!nk) - T.I.

[Verse 1: T.I.]
Hey, have you ever loved somebody so much you can’t stand it but can’t do without 'em?
Do anything for 'em cause you truly do adore 'em
Like dedicate songs, write poems
But they be on that bullshit and you try to ignore 'em
But you feel like they feel like you ain’t right for 'em
Therefore your heart’s torn
Between bein' with 'em forever, leavin' 'em never
But it seem like you arguin', fightin' over whatever
Maybe we can leave, find someone better
Even though you know you’ve never known none better
My heart say "nah, she can’t leave, won't let her"
Been head over heels since the very day I met her
Fell so deep in love I ain’t been able to get up
Sometimes I want some peace of mind and she won’t shut up
Love her to death, don’t know whether to kiss her or kill her

[Hook: P!nk]
Should’ve known it
From the start it was already over
We were just too dumb to notice
And we'd pray but
Even love couldn’t save us
We'd wake up
On a bed of guns and roses
And we don’t know which one to choose
When either way, we’re gonna lose
Still we'd pray but
Even love couldn’t save us
We'd wake up
On a bed of guns and roses

[Verse 2: T.I.]
I guess I’d rather suffer with her than be miserable without her
I buy a lot of Prada, Gucci and Balenciaga
To keep her content, and keep down the nonsense
But every corner we turn around's a conflict
Mostly dumb shit, like who she run with
Where the fuck you been? Your pants – they don’t fit
Really, honestly speaking, some things I don’t get
No matter how much she try she can’t make it make more sense
Therefore, here we go again
Screamin', yellin' at the top of our lungs, she goin' in
Saying the kind of shit I be like "if you was a man
I would go in your shit, for real, no shit"
But I love her so much that I can’t forget
That the feel of a kiss, it could heal when I’m sick
Still, I don’t like to feel like this
If I didn’t miss her, I would try to get her killed right quick


[Bridge: P!nk]
Every time we say our goodbyes
A little piece of my heart breaks off inside
I don’t really ever know why
If I could live without you I’d try


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