Welcome To The World (feat. Kanye West & Kid) Songtext - T.I.

Welcome To The World (feat. Kanye West & Kid) - T.I.

Yeah, Hey 'Ye
Why don’t you let me welcome the niggas to the World they ain't welcome to
You understand?
It bring me great pleasure to welcome the real and banish the fake
No big mouth ho cake, fake beta ass niggas allowed
But to everybody else

[Bridge: Kanye West (T.I.)]
I would like to welcome (you)
To the World of (world of)
Fast money, fast cars, big diamond rings
Thick Chains and the girls of (girls of)
Fake smiles, broken hearts and if you looking
For your real love
You won't find it here
If you looking for your real love
Well goodnight my dear

[Hook: Kid Cudi]
Oooh, if you looking for real love
Don’t come around here
Oooh, if you looking for love
It ain't here my dear
Mmmmm mmmmmh
Move on

[Verse 1: T.I]
It’s my pleasure to welcome you to the World of
Fast money, flashy cars, big guns
Undone, threw away for the love of
The game, I don't need a chain or the fame, still shine
Spend time with the girls of
Fake smiles, broken hearts trying hard in the club looking for
Her real love
You won’t find it here
All I got is hard dick and conversation for you
I was just high, even lying when I say I love you
My mind saying it were both
I just wanna fuck you, her too
Blowing Lyle smelling like a bubba kush perfume
She coming home with me, she finna meet her doom
She ain't saying I’m the greatest finna change her tune
The coldest and the hottest call me December June
Deliver euphoria straight to your room
I hit that ass, and away, I zoom
Make it rain nonstop call me Young Typhoon
Top spot already filled up no room
Throw down for some paper and your purse so soon?
Well wrong she is and mistaken she was
Tip broke, never heard such thing of
I’ll fuck you up, don’t touch me cause
Just trust me bruh, It must be
Li-li-li-living my dreams
Don't wake me up
Yo-yo-you fake it till you make it, must suck
All th-th-the haters hate us for the flav of the paper
Th-th-thats why I can't love my neighbors
Da-da-dangerous, stalk, kick, cut you
If you ain't welcome in my world bitch fuck you
Da-da-dangerous, stalk, kick, cut you
You ain't welcome in my world bitch fuck you

[Bridge: Kanye West (T.I.)]

[Hook: Kid Cudi]

[Verse 2: Kanye West]
I would like to welcome you to the world of
Fake bitches no love, what the fuck you take me for
Show love, I hate haters in the club
You must not really know where I come from
Exactly where my heart or you would never never NEVER
UGH, where do I start? people ask me shit about Illuminati
First off, fuck that mean?!
He loved Jesus when he he he was worse off
Oh I see, when they, think a nigga is, stupid rich
People just start coming up with stupid shit
Man shit I could never predict
Hold up, let me hit you with this
Rolling in a Bugatti with fo’ chains is some foolishness
Yea yea yea, that’d be the shit
They’d rather see a nigga locked up, why? for stupid shit
Look how they did my nigga Tip
Soon as Wayne get out, Tip go in
Wonder why the nigga wanna make the clip go in
Wonder why it so hard when it get going
Hold ya head my niggas the system is
Made to make niggas fall
Made to make niggas fail
Especially if you ball
They don’t take niggas well
Nah, you can't come through flying in a, in a Bentley shining
I’m in the back
Backseat driving screaming on a nigga like I’m actually driving

[Bridge: Kanye West]

[Hook: Kid Cudi]

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