Look At What You Get Songtext - Taxi Doll

Look At What You Get - Taxi Doll

Seduced by you to take a chance
On promises worth keeping
You knew you'd fail but you're
So selfish you still went for me
Painted pictures so far off,
The bell should have been ringing
But you kept pushing me so hard
Until my world was spinning...

You worked so much so i'd believe
Those pretty words soft spoken
You lavished me with lies
To rob me what i knew of love
And never did you stop to think
I'd see through your deception
So vain you thought you had it all
So here...

Look at what you get
I'm strong, your falling
Look at what you get
I move and you're crawling
Look at what you get
I feel, you're broken
Look at what you get
I have and you lost it...

You pulled me back when i let go
Of fear that i would see you
With ev'ry choice you could 've changed
But you still stooped so low...
Distorted all the mirrors so
That i would have no vision
You handled me so i'd become
Your favortie possesion...

Forgiving you is hard you know
I'd given you my loving
And how could you abuse my trust
When i was there for you
But now i know just who you are
And i won't be forgetting
I know my worth, above it all,
Now i'm the one who saying...

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