Dead Alive (Skit) Songtext - Tech N9ne

Dead Alive (Skit) - Tech N9ne

[Tech N9ne]
Check this shit

Shit, ain't nothing man. its Godemis, dog
By the time you hear this
I'll prolly be dead and gone

[Tech N9ne]
What the f-

I just wanna let you know man, I love you man
Thank you so much for everything
It goes the fuck up

[Tech N9ne]
This nigga..

Hey look man, I just heard about that call the other night man
I just wanted to apologize for that shit, man
It ain't nothin' dog, I was just on my twist

[Tech N9ne]

But uh, dog i'm blessed, man
Strange Music, man. It goes the fuck up

[Tech N9ne]
Hahahaha, this nigga's crazy!

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