Far Out Songtext - Tech N9ne

Far Out - Tech N9ne

The following entry has uh seen mankind complete it's first evolutionary steps into the universe,
Leaving the planet earth and going forward into the universe

[Chorus: x2]
I'm Far out, off the chain, took the star route, I done lost the plane.
Spit the bars out, with the quick of our mouth,
Get the feeling of the tip, and then let them take the dart out
With the superstar route, I can take it far out

Find me, I'm off in low earth orbit,
I'm far out now I'm talkin bout gotta get ready your gravity to come towards it.
I sky scrape jump up in the cloud and absorb it, rain down on you niggas like a storm hit.
I'm headed for money and I'm sure of it, Important.
You know that I'm dumb fresh, supafly, stupid high,
Around business like suit & tie
Tryna get paid like that youtube guy, I'm a one of those dudes, that get to running you dudes,
You gotta give him his dues, I'm incredible ya never gonna fill in my shoes,
Your gonna forget im a troop, cause I'm a beast when I get in this booth (ow)
Ok, ok they know me now don't they, I'm glad to say,
Techa nina drinking turn me loose like J Obama way,
So you know I gotta do it like I'm spazzin, I really get it crackin,
Never woulda imagined back when, felllas on the block got me rappin with one of the illist niggas to ever make it happen.
I'm off in my zone, thats that fly zone, i dont give a damn about a hater
I'm gone eyes on the mothafuckin prize,
And I won't get disturbed and come down from my throne,
B-hood full effect strange ya diggin it, we living it up mane it's all about the bigga shit,
Ready for the benefit, hands in the air if you feelin it.
why would anybody wanna do it any different
[Chorus x2]

I think I fit this track so perfect tech & nina gave me a chance and I deserve it,
I been puttin in my work and cuttin like a surgeon, urgin my people to rebel like an insurgent.
I grab my sword and shield talk on field to feel my enemies pain the look in his eyes,
Surprised realized denied by the stand up guy, you don't really want it with me please don't try.
Plannin and ya archin the romanian guy, damn right dirty you can bet your live
And now it's time for me to make a sacrifice, so leave it like I see it I'm talkin after life
If this is wrong I can't be right, they want me dead but I stand alive,
Enemies who post like my favorite 5. I duckin at em then I wave bye bye, I'm off my noodle ain't I?
And my secret ain't mine and I play fight, ain't white hate night in the daylight,
You don't wanna be the one to catch that stain bright, so please proceed with caution,
And just don't speak too loud, cause they go head-huntin in the Mississippi you found,
They say I'm far out I'm a giant in this large crowd, get to fightin with my heart out,
I feel your hatred like the far south. see the truth is everybody wants the money,
But the fake it to make it if you pay ya taxin,
Look at the way I'm comin out the middle of the map and the tech the track with the ways of the?

[Chorus x2]

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