More Psycho Messages (Skit) Songtext - Tech N9ne

More Psycho Messages (Skit) - Tech N9ne

[Voicemail Operator]
Press 1 to review your messages

[Woman 1]
What up? Is this Tech N9ne?
Strange Music, homie
Tech Nina, baby
Hahaha, Caribou Lou

[Woman 2]
You're hilarious

[Woman 3]
Fuck you
You are a fucking asshole
Don't ever come past me or I'll make your life fucking Hell
I don't care who the fuck you are
You are a piece of fucking SHIT

[Woman 3]
I apologize
Like, honestly, I don't know what's going on
I am sorry for being freaking mean

[Woman 4]
So.. there's always something, right?
Some fuck shit
The first time, you lowered me to your door outside or something

[Woman 4]
Like there's something fucked up about you
I'm looking back, and my feelings are so in the past about you
Okay? Fuck you
This is my response
This is my reaction to what is your reality

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