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What's Next - Tech N9ne

Tech: Craig you up man?
Craig: Haha, Mr. Smith, it's beautiful night in Kansas City
Craig: I must say Tech, you gotta check this out
Craig: Haha, it's another one
Tech: Shut up nigga you ain't Tony G
Craig: Hahahaha, check it out, uh

Its a hard knock jaw drop life for me
Last year I was in front of mic's for free
Now I'm winning its nice to see
Because if you ever tried to make it out of here, you would know its all bull
And I'mma show them how to steer with it
Had a clear vision head light deer sittin'
Thought it would be easy because Craig's got a clear image
Gotta shift out of gear LeBron James
They know that I'm a king but I remain in the cavalier
I was a rolling stone and now I'm sky-scrapping
I'm hella dope they high from songs im making
Like a Jamaican and I can BUCK BUCK
What was y'all thinking I'm hot for no reason
Summer summer time James lemonade
I'm in season and springing into the rain
You don't wanna get wet in it
I stepped in it
And got respect
And now I ask Tech what's next

I got my duffel bag, my swag and my A.M.X
I got my girlie all done up for some S.E.X
I got my heat under the seat in case them fools they flex
I'm taking trips over seas, tell me what is next

Ay yo whats next up on the menu
What show? A different venue
When you thought that it was over no sir its to be continued
Too many people know you
Too many bitches on you
So you ditching on the exact same thing you want to go to
From the outside looking in
They don't be understanding
Because from every fan that loves you thats an inch away from family
My name is Obergeek but you refer to me as Grammy
It's just pre-mental planning maybe you will understand me
Started as a local, haha
Now I'm on the vocals lala
The time it took to do this shit was kinda loco
I know
Put me on the beat then I flow
I'm fuckin' with green because I go
Seems like I speed through obstacles like my life's on nitro
I see the light posts I'm speeding through the night glow
My miles per hour says I should be insured for Geico
I took a stop at Ollie Gate
As as soon as I stepped up in the place
He asked me what is on my plate
I said I got


I'm tryin' to make it so the whole world can hear that
Real raw and severe rap
Television showing how humongous my career's at
Me popping bottles when the enemies watching poppin' beer caps
They feel severe slaps from here clear to Iraq
I'll near trap but this here's cracked
And I get them chicks with their boobies lifted and rears fat
What me and Travis doing every year after year stacked
Then we off in the Bahamas where the peers at cheers cat
And we don't fear packs cause we standing near straps
Come to me with that queer crap you'll get your vaneers cracked
Yeah I might be a weird brat
But I get them tears from your dear
That'll have her speared in the lair when her brazier snaps
Watch who you sneer at
Because if we see a rat he's smeared flat
He's about to feel snakes and hear bats
So whats next is a mere splat
On her face because the P was shear wack, haha

I'm living like a rockstar (Living like a rockstar)
I'm going to places everywhere you are (Where you are)
I do it just like what you wish that you could truly be (Truly be)
I'm fresh, I'm on a magazine (I'm fresh, I'm on a magazine)
I'm living out my wildest dreams (I'm living out my wildest dreams)
I do it just like what you wish that you could truly be (Truly be)


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