Not With You - Live Songtext - Tegan And Sara

Not With You - Live - Tegan And Sara

[Verse 1]
I can't believe I've let you in
And now here I am
Telling you that I'm suffocating in here
Just like the drugs you are keeping me
I felt shark teeth underneath my socks
Before I lost much blood
Around this world, will I be enough

From the liquor stores
To the train stop floors
Your filthy room, your drama blues
I am nothing if I'm not with you
I'm always right, always wrong
Dressing bad is like loving you
There is nothing I haven't worn
Nothing I haven't said before

[Verse 2]
Your fluid is thick against my sheets
When you look at me
Oh so angry, I know it's true
My strength has come from loving you
Behavior I just can't grow into
So you fake and you flaw
For your cops and your cause
It makes no difference to me
It's love that you stole, that you stole


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