My Love Songtext - The-Dream

My Love - The-Dream

Shawty need my love
Sh-sh-shawty need my love dog... [x4]

[Verse 1]
You seen her walkin' through...
Hartsfield International
On her way too see me
She's far from the girl that you used too know...
Flossin' keys too your phantom and you know that she's my girl...
Still you try too get at her but she push the brakes on that shit like-(SKKRT)
And I don't blame u cause god the girl look good she said she couldn't even if she could...

She needs my love she said I'm like the air and without me she'll die
If it ain't my love you better have a doctor on standby... [2X]


[Verse 2]
You seen us walkin' through the club...
Little Fendi skirt lettin' them panties show...
She grindin' on me (me)
I see you tryin' too flirt with her on the low (what)
Flossin' keys too your rover boy you know that that's my girl...
I left and you made your way over
But she push the brakes on that shit like-(SKKRT)
And I can't blame u cause God damn the girl is fine she said she can't because shes mine mine min mine mine mine...



[Verse 3: (Rap)]
From the look of my wardrobe I can see why you mad though
See me up in bankhead chillin' with a bad ho
Tell Oprah I'm sorry I really meant too say bad though
She keep them thongs ch-ch-ch-chewin' on her ass-hole...
I'm all up on her ass though runnin' it like I'm Castro
I'm still hood even though my bank account upper-class ho...
We 3 minutes into the song but still nigga u mad though
But nah he squintin' from my wrist cause my wrist got the mad glow...


Call 9-1-1 if my love ain't there
Call 9-1-1 tell paramedics to bring her air (air, air, air) [2X]

She needs my love you
Better have a doctor on standbye

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