Sex Intelligent Remix Songtext - The-Dream

Sex Intelligent Remix - The-Dream

She want me to remix this dope shit
She want me to remix this dope shit
[Repeat 2X]

[Verse 1 (singing)]
All day long you been workin' baby
And all night long I'm gon' be workin' baby
Feelin' up on ya like I'm suppose to
Pinning me up on ya like a poster
Give your lips to me, those hips to me
I'm all over you like the credits on the CD
This energy
'Our Sin-ergy?'
All into you
You all into me
And the world knows my name
Cause they can hear her scream "Radio Killah" from Japan to Pakistan...
And from Beijing to Paris France..
They can hear her making love to this ATLien..

My Sex Intelligence makes all you otha niggas irrelevant
And she screaming Re-mix this dope shit
In the room like an elephant
When she's with me it's Heaven Sent
And she screaming remix dope shit...

[Verse 2: (rap)]
You mite wanna ride out...
Cause yea, boy I'm heavy on the block
Tear da sides out
Hope she don't find out
How a nigga PUT IT DOWN...
After great sex there's this FANCY-ass lifestyle
Bettin on horses
Racing in Porsches
Just a small portion of a muthafuckin fortune
Carolina Acres
Sittin on my porches
Scenes from the mountains money greener than this forest
I'll always a-dore ya
I will always love ya
Cause I'm thinkin of pleasing you even after I fuck ya
Cause there's anotha level
After that otha level
He's on that plane level
And I'm Space Shuttle...


Say what you want
Girl you know you miss me
Shawty I'm the realist
You know I'm the illest
I ain't goin nowhere
Who da fucks' gonna replace me?
And just for you I'mma drop another CD
(You don't care, I don't care
We can do this any
I'mma drop that Love Affair)
[Repeat 2X]

[Outro Out:]
Oh yeah [9x]

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