Heart Breaker Songtext - The Game

Heart Breaker - The Game


Yeah.....We Steping In The Spot Looking So Fly
Diamond On My Arm And Im Dumb High
Raised In The Shock No Need To To Ask Why
Ima Play Till The Day That I Die
Prffarably Steping In The Back Back BACK
The Fans Are Making This Pop Cause Of Fat Fat Fat
If Haters Got Problemes They Got To Gat Gat Gat
Just Call The New Millenuim Mat Mat Mat
Playing The Lady Hoes Knowty Three Eighties
And Doing Watever To Make A Stack Stack Stack
Stepping In The Spot Looking Ol So Fly
Diamonds On his Arm And He Dumb High
Raised Upon The Shock Never Need Ask Why
We Gonna Play Tiil The Day That The Boy Die
Billionaire Dreams Given In Swing Yahts Same Thing

Cooking That Cream

The Game-

Pushing My Way To The Hood On A Lac Lac Lac
Gun On My Lap Gotta Stay Strapped And IBeen Thru The Shots Uh Million Times Never Been Lost Thinking Ive Been Slipping Sniffing Lines Boy I Stepp Out My House With My Loui Shades And My Seven Five Ace Oakley Ace
Im Feeling Like Golding In The Mac Mac Mac
Bitch On My Arm Look At Her Pack Pack Pack
She Make Them Dollar Stack Bankrolls And Cristyle And Ferraris
I am Driving Rolling The Sack Feeling Is Fuckin The Caf
Feeling So Smooth i Am Thinking Is Dat Dat Dat
Ro sey Was Pouring Like Fountains I'm Drowning With Twenty Sixsis
On The Ride Look At The Licence Plate They Say Im Uh

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