Jesus Piece Songtext - The Game

Jesus Piece - The Game

Not the deck though
Hip Hop was better when it was just Dre, Scarface, and Esco
Memoirs of the gold chain
It's a cold game nigga, Johnny Coltrane
Black Versaces with the gold frame
Nigga said he sold 'caine that's a bold claim
14 had a brain that could throw flames
So strange, have to blow they mind, Cobain

Mama forgive me cause I'm tryna make a living, hah
Them niggas hatin' cause that Rose Phantom killing, hah
Niggas shining like they hanging from the ceiling, hah
Me and 'Ye killing (Something like my Jesus piece, hah)
Lord willin', I see a billion
'Til then, I let my nuts hang (Something like my Jesus piece)
Throw them suicide doors up
And let that Holy Ghost swang (Something like my Jesus piece)

That's the crack music, nigga
Never spit a verse cause I was making trap music, nigga
I'm not an army, I'm a movement
The flow is water, Andre tried to Ice Cube him
Ice Cubin', roof translucent
Chick on my side tryna get my Trues loose
When I'm talkin' 'bout God, she 'posed to bow her head
Now she all on the blog, steady postin' 'bout her head
Got me thinking like a father, is the world safe?
Got me clinging to my daughter like shark fins in water
Rocks in my ears something Titanic
Diss my life and it's exactly how I planned it, damn it
God says everything happens for a reason
I seen four seasons at The Four Seasons
Take that chinchilla off, poor kids is freezing

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