New York, New York Songtext - The Game

New York, New York - The Game

Turn the beat up, yeah
New York, New York; wake up LA
I heard them lil' niggas takin' their life away
I heard a couple lil' niggas got life today
Is it Farrakhan, Buddha, or Christ today?
She on her knees so she know what it's like to pray
She got religious so she doin' it twice a day
I strap up, no I ain't throwin' dice today
When you got money on yo head it's a price to pay
And it get cold in the hood, put your ice away
They locked Rick Ross up and they ain't give him no bail
But a cracker shoot a whole church up and it's "Oh well"
Oh well, oh well
Hang him with a confederate flag in his cell
Let him sit there and rot 'til his body turns to bones
Just remember who casted the first stone
New York, New York; good mornin' LA
Say hi to the Chi, celebrate to the Bay
No hesitation like Steph, shoot it right in your face
Cause I'm a Golden State warrior strapped with a K
How's it land of the free, when we're trapped in a cage?
Some shit just never make sense like Magic and AIDS
Some shit just never make sense like bashin' the gays
Obama must be in the city, it's traffic today
Niggas trappin' today just like back in the day
We like Roc-A-Fella Records, we packagin' yay
And that Dirty Sprite 2 shit slappin' today
We got these niggas boxed in like Cassius Clay
And my feregammo belt where that ratchet stay
Cause the police killing too many blacks today
I wake up in the morning like:"who gon' pass away? who gon' blast today? who gon' have to pray?"
New York, New York
Good morning L.A. My nigga Hayes blew him and his wife away
This song is dedicated to Stephanie Mosley, who was murdered from a single gunshot wound inflicted by her husband, Earl Hayes, in Los Angeles, California; December 18th, 2014. I knew Hayes since we were both signed to Aftermath back in 2005. And if I can keep it 8 more than 92 with you, he was a good nigga, I never saw that coming. My prayers are with Stephanie's entire family, I am truly and deeply sorry for your loss

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