I & I Songtext - The Jacka

I & I - The Jacka


[Verse 1: Carey Stacks)
You probably haven't seen much but you've seen enough
To let you know you can't fuck with us
First place winner I ain't never been a runner up
Always in the hood so I always got a hammer tucked
I got a good show in (?) I don't give a fuck
I'm in the mini army, mini fulli autos in the trunk
Clip full of hollows, still mobbin' for a million bucks
Pourin' out bottles for my niggas who ain't here with us
We're livin' in a life where you never really know
Get your shit pushed back when you're walkin' out the store
And you wouldn't expect that but the world we live is cold
They ain't even take his cash they just stripped him from his soul
Left the keys to his ride, his diamonds, and his gold
That's just a prime example when a nigga has to go
That's the way i'm livin' now so I always stay gone
Never crack under pressure took an oath to never fold

[Verse 2: The Jacka]
Got my fam movin' again cause I shot a kid
And when they locked me up for this shit, forgot about me then
Stepped up my faith beat the case now i'm out again
My niggs saved the cash from the lash I never doubted them
Jack release party not surprised hoes crowded there
We was facin' a hommi never thought that I would smile again
My lil brother smack you with a tommy damn i'm proud of him
Spring break finna vacate nigga we outta here
Got the damn world in my hands smokin' the loudest strain
All my niggs silent the Feds look for the loudest men
Labels say our raps is too violent they won't allow us in
People say we got so much talent we do it by ourselves
They put you here to try hold us down but shortest time you fail
World that we paved for ourselves got laid down with scale
Even though nothin' last forever this got a timeless feel
When you think this rap shit is over just rewind to the real

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