Darlene Songtext - The Lumineers

Darlene - The Lumineers

I love you and everything about you
wont you stay awake so i can get my work done in the day okay
maybe in the meantime
you and me will be fine

if you just relax and check your eyes for cataract

it' s plain to see that i was meant for you and you were meant for me darling hold tightly I think you and me we might be
falling ... falling ... falling
In love
Drama queen like you when you see a fire you grab the gasoline

and honey please calm down yes dont make a scene
they're asking us to leave now and calling the police
yes hes a manly man cause you're defending me just like a
punching bag but i can take a punch if you can take a jam
you catch me when i fall and dress your wounds wiht alcohol
I' m falling ... falling ... falling... falling
In love

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