Better Days Songtext - The Proclaimers

Better Days - The Proclaimers

Maybe if I just think out loud tonight then I'll know what to do
Five years all felt the same and then it changed and I was loving you
Better days for sure

Mar, our love still can bring violins and roses to my mind
But I swear I haven't missed a moment of the life I've left behind
It's just a fading sound

So be with me while decades turn us older
We've both much love that lasts a whole life through
We could live in Fife or out in Texas
Anywhere, as long as I'm with you

Last year it seemed the things we've worked for were all gonna com e to pass
One hit proclaimed that Mrs. Reid's boys would finally pay some tax
Thank the Lord for that

Now I'll admit I wasn't to impressed love
Events compound the doubts I've had before
The only struggle worth it is in the music
The other stuff can't interest me at all

Mary, we've got to see America, I need to ride those
This year we're going to take a jet plane there no matter what it takes
For the musics sake

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