Flowerball - Bonus Track Songtext - The Wombats

Flowerball - Bonus Track - The Wombats

[Verse 1]
I've got the cash if you've got the hugs?
It's been a rough week
It's been an unproductive month
I swapped contact with reality
For a country house in a bright translucent daydream

Don't you get bored of them giving you nothing?
I only press pause when you press play in my stomach

Flowerball how can you waltz through my bloodstream and then never call?
You make me shake
Like a waveform
You're my work of modern art and I want more

[Verse 2]
I'll take the punch if you'll sell the kick?
It's been a while since we tripped the light fantastic
I wanna hear guitars and cymbals sing
I'm tired of deciphering her senile fax machine



Like a funeral needs an audience
Like a skeptic needs a church
It's not fun unless it hurts


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