Kings and Queens Songtext - Thirty Seconds To Mars

Kings and Queens - Thirty Seconds To Mars

[Verse 1: Black Thought]Yo, read the morning paper, kiss my baby girl
Tell my lady I'm gone, until I save the world
Jump in a hot rod wheel, looking super thorough
Rocking a long black cape like the Duke of Earl
My cool don't drop, I bring forth a future twirl
Smash glass in my hands, then produce a pearl
I do the James' on stage, the Big L, the [j...?]
Ya'll know I'm bona fied live, I'm too for real
So the truth prevail, it never fail
Ask me the key to blazing a trail, I never tell
Like the digits on the check in the mail, I give them hell
With the clever rhymes in the squad, situated well yo
The money making jam boys' throwing elbows
You want to holler, you could do the rebel yell yo
I'm not concerned, when will ya'll learn
Truck North, yell these niggas, it's the grand return
[Verse 2: Truck North]Staring out my window, blowing out some endoI am legend, niggas kneel like LorenzoIn this race that I have led, like a pencil
Seen a [?] [?] grace, [l..?] the tempo
But me, I couldn't be nicer if I wanted to
Higher if I wanted to, add another 'W'
Let's have a round of applause, just because
Cause' I'm so fly, I'm thirty seconds to Mars
He's so retard, I go so retardI'm treated like a Czar, way sicker than ya'll
I'm way off the brain, I maintain the game
North side understand, [p...?] the fucking [f...?]
Hold up, man of the year, the flow of the decade
Surprised like I kicked in his door with four K's
Which one, pick one --they all going to spray
I gave you ample time, pimpin' [now the...] [m...?] [for days?]
I get the crown from the king, and the pussy from the queens
The money from the jacks, the ace of all schemes
[Ten of us holding?] 9's, on the corner, selling eighths
Hello and goodbye from north side the great
A man like the one before you would never kneel
Stay letting motherfuckers have it like Goodwill
What's the deal, fashions so fucked up dog
The ugly shit cost the most, I ain't rich enough to look that poor
Quick on the draw, your mural on the wall
And ya'll niggas out of style like ya' still eat pork
Pop corks on the nightly, haters wanna fight me
Cause' their girls wanna take me to the 'tel and bite me
Spike Lee, do the right thing or you might be
Up shits creek without paddle, oh well
[Verse 3: Dice Raw]
Yo, they call me mister make it happen, mister make the ladies breathe hardThey get down on their knees, like they see god
People think I love money, but you know I never didI used to dress real bummy when I was a kid
White lady on the plane, she said, you look nice
Thanks, but what the fuck a nigga 'posed to look like
But I got an idea, my thoughts are very clear
The same as [minds?] when I'm staring at a derri

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