My Own Way - Explicit Remix Songtext - Three 6 Mafia

My Own Way - Explicit Remix - Three 6 Mafia

Three 6 Ma-fi-UHH! (whoahh-ohh) Good Charlotte (Dead Executives!)
Hypnotize Minds, Dead Executives (wooo!)
Some real shit man, let's drop it
Let's go!

[Hook: Good Charlotte]
You know I can't live my life, working no 9 to 5
No matter what they say, I'm doing it my own way
Cause time ain't on my side, and they don't understand
Forget what people say, I'm doing it my own way

[Verse One]
So many shysters in my ears fool, trying to pop it
On my new fame, they will put new hands in my pocket
Standing in the rain buck in hand man, about to cock it
I take another one they wanna be up out the rocket
I can't understand why they even wanna see me broke (whoahh-ohh)
Wanna see me choke off my own blood from cutting my throat
I always wanted the money; fame wasn't worth my while
That's why I wore a mask on the front of "Mystic Stylez" (doin it my own way)
But one night in March '06 my life changed in a sec
Whether for better or for worse I can't answer that yet
But I'll go to the pen before I lose my ends
Murder one, one of you hoes tryin to get me for my Benjamins


[Verse Two]
Real talk!
In the field, it's real, slip up, get killed
Get robbed, get stuck, get messed off in a deal
These kids, are gone, on meth, and pills
That's why, I pack, I carry, the steel
I'm posted, in the hood, got green, I'm good (whoahh-ohh)
Trap house, no doubt, is where, I stood
Got guap, got hot, 'til shop, got popped
These snitches, time cuts, it won't, ever stop (doin it my own way)
The times ain't gon' change (change) long as cocaine ('caine)
Goes up the nose (nose) fries a nigga brain (brain)
See 'em in the morning time trying to catch a drain (drain)
Back out on the block (block), doin the same thang (thang)


[Outro: Good Charlotte]
Doin it my own way

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