Light Years Away Songtext - Tiësto

Light Years Away - Tiësto

I feel the sky falling down

I'm picking up the pieces left on the ground

And some days were very long

I don't know where I'm meant to belong

Don't you hide from me

And don't you erase

What we used to be

Yesterday - it's far away

I'm lost in space

But the fire's burning

The fire's burning


Oh, I feel this love and I'm not giving up

There's nothing left for me to say

I'm reaching up cause we're burning now

A million light years away

It's pulling me like gravity

It's telling me you ain't over

Light years away

Light years away

Satellites are crashing down

I watch you disappear at the speed of sound

I was feeling out - of control

And where my heart lays

Now a block hole

Miles and miles away

Closing my eyes

Just to see you again

Memories are not enough

To leave me with

And my fire's burning

A fire's burning


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