Indian Outlaw - Dance Mix Songtext - Tim McGraw

Indian Outlaw - Dance Mix - Tim McGraw


[Verse 1]

All my friends call me Bear Claw

The Village Chieftain is my paw-paw

He gets his orders from my maw-maw

She makes him walk the line

You can find me in my wigwam

I'll be beating on my tom-tom

Pull out the pipe and smoke you some

Hey and pass it around


Cause I'm an Indian outlaw

Half Cherokee and Choctaw

My baby she's a Chippewa

She's one of a kind

[Verse 2]

I am not looking' for trouble

We can ride my pony double

Make your little heart bubble

Lord, Like a glass of wine

I remember the medicine man

He caught running water in my hands

Drug me around by my headband

Said I wasn't her kind


[Verse 3]

I can kill a deer or buffalo

With just my arrow and my hickory bow

From a hundred yards don't you know

I do it all the time

They all gather 'round my tepee

Late at night trying to catch a peek at me

In nothing but my buffalo briefs

I got them standing in line



Cherokee people

Cherokee tribe

So proud to live

So proud to die

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