2 On Songtext - Tinashe

2 On - Tinashe

[Produced by DJ Mustard]

[Verse 1: Tinashe]
Give me all that you got now

Make you want me cause I'm hot now

I'm gone, so faded I'm on one

Bang bang, pop off like a long gun

[Pre-hook: Tinashe]
If you a lame, nigga you ain't making no noise

Get faded, turn up with the big boys

Live fast, die young that's my choice

Get money, get money like an invoice

We can mob all in the whip

Make the money make a grip

I be stuntin' with my clique

Getting faded 'till we trip (oh)

[Hook: Tinashe]
Man, I love to get on

I love to get 2 on

When the drink be too strong

When the tree be way too strong

Get faded, turn up, bruh

Pour it on up 'till I can't even think no more

Get ratchet, go dumb then go more dumb then

We can keep it lit, let's roll

I love to get 2 on

Let-let... let's roll

I love to get 2 on, I love to

Let-let-let's roll(

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