Bated Breath Songtext - Tinashe

Bated Breath - Tinashe



[Verse 1]
What if I told you that it was all in vain?

Would it still hurt you?

Would you still feel the same?

Said its impossible, possible

So impossible

But you're still waiting on the moment

Breath is bated

I wish I could hold you, I can't take it
Tell you all my secrets

I'm too faded
Praying that tomorrow I'll be braver

Maybe I can tell you, maybe we can do this
Kisses on my forehead, we can fall into it

Love you like the rain, it falls much faster
Living in a piece of ever after

Forever after

Living in the piece of ever after

Ever after, ever after

[Verse 2]
If will you have me

I'll make you happy
Need someone to whom I can belong
Here's my confession

Saving it special

Hoped it would be you all along

All along

All along

All along


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