Cold Sweat Songtext - Tinashe

Cold Sweat - Tinashe

[Verse 1]
I like bein' alone

Come on out here, spend plenty of time on your own

Cause the city ain't kind

Other people who sign up for judgin' but can't take no

This ain't a place to be makin' friends, they all got agendas

There's eyes on your back, fangs in your neck
Thinkin' I've been fienin' for a taste of this shit

Seem so thirsty, smell fresh meat in the air (Blood on the floor)
So the real test, after breakfast

We'll see who's to be here

This pressure ain't for everybody

Weighing so heavy on my body, body

Spine, shivers, eyes, met

Head, in it, heart, set

Cold, on my mind, yeah
Ice, drippin', cold sweat

Ice, Ice drippin', cold sweat

Ice, drippin', cold sweat

Ice, Ice drippin', cold sweat

Ice drippin', cold sweat

[Verse 2]
Can't choose the situation and friend

Always got to co-sign, everything's a ten

Damn I hate a yes man
I know while this buzzin' gotta be ringin' in your ear

Don't think I've forgotten who was always here
Tell me where was you last year?

And I doubt you will last here

It's your last year

[Pre-Hook] + [Hook]

[Verse 3]
Wish I always got my way

Time for me to accept defeat when my hands are tied

Like to dial in the lights [?] all night

Don't trip, everything will end up just fine
The summers they ain't the same

These lovers they ain't the game

These feelings, they don't mean nothing

These ceilings can keep the pain
Explanations, you say I deserve it

Why after all this time I'm finally worth it?
Ain't it funny, how power comes with money
And how now I'm out here poppin'

They come back like they're an option

Man this shit is hella scummy
They claimin' that they love me

Cause they realize that my time is finally comin'

They know it
Cause my night is young

Moon is high

The stars are all, alligned

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